Day to Day Method to stay Productive!

Staying productive in day to day operations is important in network marketing, and today I’m going to share what has always worked for me in the past.

Day to Day Method to stay Productive!

So diving into it, the way that I first started was I would come up with three things that I had to do every day and that was I did a video every day, 20 no’s a day, and I did personal development every day.

I remember having a discussion, and it was actually on a cruise, and I was sharing some of the things that I do each day and one guy raises his hand and was like, “Hey, does this mean you work all day every day?” Because that’s what some people think, right?

And so I said, “Well, there are lots of days where I do my daily routine and I take the rest of the day off and I go kayaking and I go to the beach, I go movies or whatever else.” The only difference between me and most people is there are definitely days I have low production days.

But, there are no days I have no production days.

And in network marketing land, no production days mean you didn’t ask anybody if they were open to your product, service or opportunity, whether it was a new person or whether it was a follow-up.

Stay Productive Daily

If you aren’t asking people, “Are you open to take a look,” then you aren’t doing your job. Your job is not to make beautiful flyers. It’s not to call people in your team to fire them up. It’s not just to train and just to do self-development and watch videos.

Your job is to ask other human beings if they’re interested in your product, service or opportunity. And that’s what makes you productive, and as soon as you step out of that, everything else starts to fall apart.

So my suggestion would be to come up with a number of no’s to hit daily (20 is a little intense for some, so go with a reasonable number), and work towards it.

That is number one. There is nothing else that can trump talking to people and asking them if they’re interested.

Another thing I mentioned I did, that would be beneficial for a lot of people, would be some type of self-development daily.

Some ideas of self-development:

  1. Read a chapter of a book
  2. Walk around the neighborhood while listening to a podcast or audiobook
  3. Go do some exercise
  4. Do activities that push your limits.

So it’s important to not only work and prospect but to also take care of yourself.

However, although self-development is important, prospecting and talking to people daily is the number one way to stay productive in network marketing.

Motivate your Team into Action!

Do you want your team to be motivated and work to their full potential? If you want them to turn up to the task and take action, this blog will surely help.

Here I share exactly how you can motivate your team without burning yourself out as a leader.

Motivate your Team Member Into Action

Something to make a note of when trying to motivate a team member into action is not to coach the uncoachable. And this is something I practice on a daily basis.

I don’t coach the uncoachable, and that is freedom. If someone asks my advice, I will give it to them without putting an affirmation that they must follow it. If they follow it. Awesome.If not it is what it is.

So my suggestion to you would be instead of trying to motivate that team member that you’re trying to into action, go get new team members because you going and doing that work is actually more motivating than your brave-heart speech you would be trying to give the uncoachable teammate.

The leaders that come and say, “How do I get my people doing more?” I tell them, “How do we get you not requiring them to do more?” It sounds funny.

It sounds funny, but the best thing you could do for your team is to build a new one and let them see that. Let them see you doing the work that you wish that they were doing. Stop wishing and stop trying to plan the game.

Learn to lead by example and show them exactly what you’re looking to do. They will get the message once they see it.

The vision of who I want to become is more powerful than my ability to be distracted, and that’s something I follow daily. I can’t be distracted. Go ahead. Try it. Have a dog bite me. Has a car hit me? It’s not going to happen. I’m not going to get distracted. I’m going to march down that damn path until we reach the mountain of the impact that I’m wanting to reach or until there’s no more blood flowing through the veins. That’s it. That’s how we do this.

Keep on your path. Stop being so easily distracted by team members. You as the leader can tell someone how to create success, but you can’t tell them how to want to create success. They have to get there on their own.

So work on becoming an inspiration, rather than trying to motivate a team member.

The 2 most Important thing to keep in Mind when Prospecting!

When Prospecting Remember these two important steps:-

Before we proceed ahead I wanted to say that the steps I’m going to say are going to be about ways of showing up. You’ll have to assess the results for yourself and these are the best ways to show up to a follow-up meeting.

Let’s dive into it.


First and foremost, is posture. Posture is not just a step, but a particular way to act.

People are either postured or not, and let me give you an example of that. If at the dinner table Uncle Raj said, “Hey, are you still doing that thing? Are you rich yet?” And you say, “I’m trying really hard over here. It’s a really good product and really good service and…” then you are not postured.

Because a postured person is unaffected by external forces.

The postured person would just let that roll off the shoulder and keep moving towards achieving their goals.

So if you can walk through that criticism, and people not being supportive, you’re postured. Postured means the belief in what you have is greater than external acceptance or approval.

If someone says, “Hey, what you’re doing is stupid,” a postured person would just say, “Okay, best of luck to you.”

And the hardest part is that you have to have posture when it actually doesn’t make sense you have posture. You have to have posture way down here when you’re in the hole, and you have negative money, and you’ve got negative results. That’s when you should have posture.

And posture is what gets you to the top.


Once you’ve got the posture right, the second step is emotions. And this is a big deal.

Not enough people are talking about your emotions when you’re prospecting.

Now when I say emotions, what I really mean here is that you are emotionally strong so that you don’t get disappointed and scarred of the rejections you face. And that also plays into the posture, because a postured person can getting rejections all day long but still keep going.

And so the first steps that got me out of foreclosure, out of being dead broke, out of feeling like a loser, was going for 20 no’s a day and just being bulletproof to the rejection.

And so this ties into the emotion, when you have a no goal and are actually looking for no’s, you take a chip out of the emotions because if you get emotional in a negative manner if someone doesn’t respond to you, or someone rejects you, you’re going to have a tough time in this business.

So if you go into it expecting a no, then you’re bulletproof to their response and you can move forward.

If you’re going to think, “Why didn’t they respond?” It’s going to be a tough ride for you. 2020’s going to be really similar to 2019.

And so these are two things, they’re not in the sequence, but they are so important. These are like the overriding umbrella’s that override all other steps in prospecting.