The 2 most Important thing to keep in Mind when Prospecting!

When Prospecting Remember these two important steps:-

Before we proceed ahead I wanted to say that the steps I’m going to say are going to be about ways of showing up. You’ll have to assess the results for yourself and these are the best ways to show up to a follow-up meeting.

Let’s dive into it.


First and foremost, is posture. Posture is not just a step, but a particular way to act.

People are either postured or not, and let me give you an example of that. If at the dinner table Uncle Raj said, “Hey, are you still doing that thing? Are you rich yet?” And you say, “I’m trying really hard over here. It’s a really good product and really good service and…” then you are not postured.

Because a postured person is unaffected by external forces.

The postured person would just let that roll off the shoulder and keep moving towards achieving their goals.

So if you can walk through that criticism, and people not being supportive, you’re postured. Postured means the belief in what you have is greater than external acceptance or approval.

If someone says, “Hey, what you’re doing is stupid,” a postured person would just say, “Okay, best of luck to you.”

And the hardest part is that you have to have posture when it actually doesn’t make sense you have posture. You have to have posture way down here when you’re in the hole, and you have negative money, and you’ve got negative results. That’s when you should have posture.

And posture is what gets you to the top.


Once you’ve got the posture right, the second step is emotions. And this is a big deal.

Not enough people are talking about your emotions when you’re prospecting.

Now when I say emotions, what I really mean here is that you are emotionally strong so that you don’t get disappointed and scarred of the rejections you face. And that also plays into the posture, because a postured person can getting rejections all day long but still keep going.

And so the first steps that got me out of foreclosure, out of being dead broke, out of feeling like a loser, was going for 20 no’s a day and just being bulletproof to the rejection.

And so this ties into the emotion, when you have a no goal and are actually looking for no’s, you take a chip out of the emotions because if you get emotional in a negative manner if someone doesn’t respond to you, or someone rejects you, you’re going to have a tough time in this business.

So if you go into it expecting a no, then you’re bulletproof to their response and you can move forward.

If you’re going to think, “Why didn’t they respond?” It’s going to be a tough ride for you. 2020’s going to be really similar to 2019.

And so these are two things, they’re not in the sequence, but they are so important. These are like the overriding umbrella’s that override all other steps in prospecting.

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